Diamond Inspector was created to help you, the retail shopper, during the process of purchasing a certified diamond. The service is simple and easy to use, designed to reduce the fear factor when purchasing a diamond and fine jewelry. The Diamond Inspector mission is to help make your diamond purchase fun, exciting, and a rewarding experience.

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A Little History

Peter Malnekoff is the inventor of the patented Diamond Inspector pricing system. He has been a retail jeweler, diamond importer, and jewelry designer for over 29 years. He a fourth generation jeweler: His great grandfather was a jeweler in Russia in the 1880’s. His grandfather Joseph Malnekoff, learned the craft from his father in law and moved to America in 1913.

Joseph’s son Nathan, joined his father in 1936 in the family business in Chicago. Joseph trained Nathan in the old world craft of diamonds and jewelry. Nathan expanded the family business into closeout buying, diamond importing, manufacturing, and retailing starting in 1946. Peter joined his father Nathan in the family business in 1974, learning the art of diamonds and fine jewelry.

Peter expanded the family retail jewelry store business, while learning the art of diamond cutting from diamond cutters around the world. Over four generations of family expertise, gemological training, listening to the needs of the retail shopper, and modern state of the art technology, all combined to help Peter Malnekoff design the Diamond Inspector Pricing System.

Diamond Inspector is backed by a private investment group, which is dedicated to improving the diamond and jewelry information resources for retail consumers, the jewelry industry, and the insurance industry.

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We are here to help you with all your diamond, jewelry and gemstone questions. No question is too trivial. Please email us using the link above. The best questions will be added to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page We may be a bit busy, but we will try to answer all your questions as soon as possible. We are here to help and advise you during the diamond purchase process.

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First Time Shopper? No Certificate? No Diamond Knowledge? This web page here will address some of the most common issues people have in buying a loose round diamond.

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The United States Patent gives Diamond Inspector the exclusive rights to use the Internet and all remote communications for the purpose of issuing a price and quality report for all gemstones (including diamonds), based on gemological data. Only Diamond Inspector can issue an unbiased, independent price report for a diamond and gemstone transmitted over the Internet.