Shopping for a certified diamond and an engagement ring should be fun, exciting, rewarding, educational, and just plain easy. Diamond Inspector was created to help you shop for certified diamonds with confidence, security and peace of mind.

If any of the following diamond information is not included in the shopping analysis process, an accurate price cannot be determined. Diamond Inspector immediately analyzes the following diamond data:

Based on the cut proportions of a diamond, there is up to a 60% price difference between the highest best proportion ideal cut diamond and the poorest cut and proportioned diamond.

A deeper cut diamond is priced differently than a wider shallower cut diamond.

The length to width ratio of a fancy shaped diamond of pear, marquise, oval, emerald cut and radiant cut diamonds can affect the price dramatically.

The different laboratories that issue the certificates for diamonds have different grading scales from lab to lab. This adds to the difference in pricing between certificate issuers.

Fluorescence is a factor that can be a negative quality or a positive quality, depending upon the strength of the fluorescence and the body color of the diamond, adding another factor in pricing.

Branded and or specialty cut diamonds have different pricing than other diamonds.

Special weight sizes add more difficulty to price calculations: A diamond that weighs .90 carat weight compared to a 1.00 carat weight.

Seasonal and yearly demand for a specific shape of diamond that changes over time.

Integrating Color, Clarity and Carat Weight with all the above factors.

There are too many factors that affect the price of diamonds in the market place. You simply cannot calculate all the factors on your own. Leave off one or two price factors, and you will make a poor decision. You are at risk from information overload, biased advice, burn out from visiting too many jewelers and pressure from professional salespeople.

Diamond Inspector helps you by doing all the calculations for you, including the calculations that an appraiser would use in evaluating and arriving at a price for a diamond. U.S. Patent # 6304853 was issued to Diamond Inspector for the sole purpose of helping you shop for a diamond. Use Diamond Inspector as your advisor during the shopping process. Diamond Inspector helps you shop with confidence.