How long has the jeweler been in business? The longer the better. A jewelry store of long standing has a better track record of taking care of their customers, look forward to repeat business, and encourage customer referrals. Do your friends and family shop there? Would you send your family to this store?

Where is the store located: street location, mall, upstairs office building, Internet only? Do they have a brick and mortar retail store or are they just located on the Internet?

Does the store have any professional jewelry industry memberships: American Gem Society, Jewelers of America, Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce or other professional society?

Does the store provide gemological equipment to aid you in your shopping: gemological microscope, 10X magnifying loupe, electronic scale for weighing diamond, etc. You might want to check out a website called James Allen and read an indepth review about them here

Do the salespeople take their time with you during your visit, or do they rush you to purchase? Does the store use high pressure sales tactics or do they educate and inform you so that you can make an informed purchase?

Does the store only sell diamonds with gem lab certificates, or diamonds without a gem lab certificate?

If you find a diamond you like, without a gem lab certificate, will the jewelry store send the diamond to an accredited professional gem lab for a diamond certificate?

Does the store have expertise in handling jewelry repair, custom work, and manufacturing? If they send their repairs and custom work out of store, what is the quality of their labor shops? Do they have insurance to cover the value of your jewelry when you leave for repair or custom work?

Do they back up all verbal promises in writing? All verbal promises should be written on the sales receipt for mutual protection.

Does the sales slip itemize and verify the same information that appears on the gem lab certificate? The sales slip is the most important document next to the gem lab certificate, as both documents must have matching information.

Will the jeweler allow you to take the diamond to an independent appraiser to verify that the diamond matches the certificate and the sales slip? There are security measures that the jeweler needs to verify before this can take place, but they should allow for independent appraiser verification.

What is the return policy of the jewelry store? Ask to see it in writing. Time period and reasons for all returns must be clearly explained.

What is the guarantee if the diamond or jewelry does not match the quality that it is sold as? If you need to take the diamond to an independent appraiser, and the report comes back disputed, will they take back the disputed jewelry and substitute the exact like kind and quality that was sold to you in writing?

Does the store offer after purchase services, like free ring sizing, diamond height adjustments, and custom wedding band creation?

If your fiancé does not like the ring style choice, will the store exchange the purchased ring for a new ring and set the diamond into the new ring?

Is the jeweler a member of the local Better Business Bureau, in addition to the online version of BBB? Do they display the BBB seal on their website?