Shop where you feel comfortable. Go to as many different types of jewelry store outlets as your time and inclination allows. Some people will go to their family jeweler, while others will go to several referral jewelers, mall jewelers, brand name upscale jewelers, and discount retailers.

Get a photocopy of the lab certificate for each diamond you are interested in. This is easily obtainable and all reputable jewelers should make them available for the asking.

Diamond Inspector needs the information from the certificate of the diamond to give you an accurate price report. Diamond Inspector can give you a price report for a non-certified diamond, but the report will be less accurate. Click Here to view the webpage of a sample diamond certificate with instructions how to read the certificate.

Go to the Diamond Inspector website and click on the Immediate Diamond Report Link. Enter the data from each certificate for each diamond you are interested in buying.

Instantly, Diamond Inspector will provide you with a price report for each diamond. The price range for each diamond will reflect the variations in the marketplace of diamond availability, consumer demand, cut proportions, type of certificate and type of retail outlet.

Its That Easy.

Coming Soon: Access Diamond Inspector from your cellular enabled Palm Pilot or Windows CE device while shopping in the jewelry store

There are many different styles of rings: engagement rings, wedding bands, colored stone rings, mens signet rings, mens stone rings, ladies gold rings, ladies cocktail rings, and more. Your choice should be based on style, quality and then budget. Each ring has its own different style arrangements, yet they all have one thing in common; the amount of precious metal, how the stones are set into the ring and the quality of the design used in manufacturing that ring. You will find that most volume mass sales jewelry stores will sell a ring style that looks great, but is very light weight.

It should make the owner feel good to put it on and wear it with pride. When you are considering a jewelry purchase, your most important decision should not be based on price. The retail jewelers occasionally will show a copy of this printed price list to the retail shopper, giving the impression that the list will help them shop for a diamond. This is worse than not purchasing jewelry at all.