Each Diamond Inspector price evaluation is a unique report for that specific diamond. The following information will help guide you in understanding how to use the price evaluations.

Diamond Inspector will provide you with a report with a price range for each diamond. The price range for each diamond will reflect the variations in the marketplace of diamond availability, consumer demand, cut proportions, type of certificate and type of retail jeweler you selected.

Each jeweler is different, with different suppliers, different types of merchandise quality, customer service, and markups. Each diamond has unique properties that combine to create a market price for that diamond.

Our price evaluations factor in all these differences to help you shop with confidence. The price ranges are within a narrow range for each type of jeweler. Please don’t shop for the lowest price within the price range for the evaluation. Timing and product availability will sometimes create shortages in the market. Sometimes, the market will be at the upper end of the price range.

Other times, the market will be at the bottom end of the price range. Occasionally, the market will be slightly above or below the range. Use the price range as a guide while you shop.

When speaking with a jeweler, please be respectful of their time and efforts. Most jewelers want your business, and if they are courteous and treat you with respect, you should do the same for them. Please don’t use the Diamond Inspector price evaluation to manipulate the jeweler. Most jewelers who want your business will be more than willing to reach a mutually agreeable selling price. Use Diamond Inspector as a guide to reach that price.